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Being a singer I have learned to listen to the pauses between the notes. I have learned to be no one else except myself. And I have learned that if you refuse anything but the very best, you very often get it.

‘The Rose’


“I always demand from music that it must give me back a broad view of everything. That is what we are longing for in our innermost soul. A corrective to the silent chaos which is inherent in every human being. In sublime music we will experience that our strive can be submitted a wonderful calmness, and we shall feel peace.”
Quote from the Danish royal king Christian IV (1577-1648)

Maybe this is what I’d like to tell the world: when we keep our spaces simple, when we are authentic and aim for perfection, it helps us to understand how infinitely rich and beautiful life is.

Becoming a singer has been a long journey for me. And even so, it has only begun. Love is the spirit that motivates my travel, and the music keeps me moving, no matter what the odds are.

It is with much joy that I present my journey to you.


• Read about ‘Scandinavian Mood‘ – which is my dream come true: an album with songs that express who I am

• Read about ‘Serene‘ – which is the name of one of my journeys into undiscovered musical lands

• Here is my Curriculum Vitae in case you’d like to know how and where this journey of mine began

• One picture says more than a thousand words – see photos

• In 1998-2001, I studied at Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA. At that time, I produced a Berklee Portfolio.

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Hope to meet you in real life sooner or later! 🙂

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