Pernilla’s first solo album. Musical images of nature and love

Gaffa, Denmark’s largest music magazine, reviewed the album in its October 2003 issue::

‘An album with a series of ear-catchers which – with a little luck – will reach the Danish public in a possibly even very large scale…’

11 tracks, featuring Kasper Tranberg on trumpet, and Jacob Andersen on percussion.

The album was two years on its way, and at personal level, it was a harrowing trip for Pernilla to finish it, as she was seeking a new sound and new ways of expressing herself.

Influence of nature
Pernilla has left city-life behind and lives in the Alpes de Haute Provence in the South West of France, where she’s completely surrounded by nature in a Swiss alpine cottage, right on the beautiful banks of a mountain lake.

Her feelings about nature are expressed very strongly in her songs. Pernilla paints musical pictures of the sea, of the sun, the rain in spring, and of a wistful longing, in all the colours of the rainbow. She lets dreams flow with the laughter of children and seeks an expression which is vulnerable and intimate, but also poetically moving and compelling. This is Love songs with capital L from the mountains of Southern France.

The musicians
Guest musicians on the album are, among others Kasper Tranberg (trumpet), Jacob Andersen (percussion), Ilya Magnes (flute & djembe drum), and Simon Lynge (guitar and vocal). The music is produced by Klaus Bau Jensen (known from Bliss and Flipside) and Sebastian Lilja (Flipside).

Together with producers Klaus Bau Jensen and Sebastian Lilja, Pernilla finished mixing the album ‘Serene’ on April 15, 2003.

The album ‘Serene’ was released on 7 October 2003.

A maxisingle with five remixes of ‘L’Aube’ was released on 14 June 2004

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Press release
Reviews of the album ‘Serene’
Download photo material, poster, radio-interview, articles, and more

• Photos from Pernilla’s record release concerts
   in Copenhagen and in Århus



Listen to songs from ‘Serene’:

• Letter To You
      Play on Youtube

• Face The Sun
      Play on Youtube

• Hear My Song
      Play on Youtube

• L’Aube
      Play on Youtube

• Northern Star
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• Evident Like Breathing
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• Sea Meets Sky
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Photos for download

• Face The Sun (15 MB)

• Hear My Song (17 MB)

• L’Aube (7 MB)

[Click on the pictures to see them enlarged]


• An interview with Pernilla, in Danish:
CD quality MP3 (5.7 MB)


• World-wide
The album ‘Serene’ can be purchased online, world-wide, with a credit card at CDbaby

It is also available internationally on
    • Apple’s iTunes
    • GreatIndieMusic
    • Tradebit
    • PayPlay
    • CDconnection
as well as several other webshops.

It can be purchased online with credit card on

It can be purchased online with credit card on
    • TDC Online & PLAY

It can be purchased with giro/netbank payment on
    • SundMusik

It can be purchased online with credit card on

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Cover notes:

1   Letter To You    5:31
2   Hear My Song    5:01
3   L’Aube    4.36
4   Evident Like Breathing    3:59
5   Rush Of Rain    4:42
6   Sea Meets Sky    6:14
7   Open Sea    7:08
8   Northern Star    5:20
9   Face The Sun    4:27
10 Lullaby    4:34
11 Hear His Song    1:25

Vocals, piano, lyrics and music by Pernilla Aidt*
Produced, mixed and mastered by Klaus Bau Jensen and Sebastian Lilja
at Realtime Studio in Copenhagen, Denmark, April 2003

*Except Sea Meets Sky: vocals and music by Pernilla Aidt and Simon Lynge

Percussion: Jacob Andersen
Trumpet on Hear My Song, Evident Like Breathing, Northern Star, Open Sea and Hear His Song: Kasper Tranberg
Guitar on Northern Star, and bass on Letter To You, Rush Of Rain, Northern Star, Open Sea and Sea Meets Sky: Sebastian Lilja
Guitar, piano, mouth perc, cake tin and voice on Sea Meets Sky: Simon Lynge
Djembe drum and flute on Open Sea: Ilya Magnes
Cello on Northern Star: Finn Aidt
Guitar on L’Aube, piano on L’Aube and Rush Of Rain, and executive producer: Mik Aidt

Eskimo voice on Sea Meets Sky from ‘Traditional Greenlandic Music’ (ULO CD-75)
Tabla drum on Hear My Song from ‘The Other World Ethnic Sample Collection’.
Photos from Les Alpes de Haute Provence and layout by Mik Aidt
Portraits of Pernilla in booklet photographed by Linda Horowitz

Supported by KODA 

– the music

Pernilla Aidt’s album, ‘Serene’, and maxisingle, ‘L’Aube Remixed’:


Text about ‘Serene’

Press release of June 2, 2003:
Pernilla: Love Songs from the Mountains of Southern France

     In English, pdf-format (for printing)
     In English, word-format
(open text, for copy/paste)

     In French, pdf-format (for printing)
     In French, word-format
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     In Danish, pdf-format (for printing)
     In Danish, word-format
(open text, for copy/paste)

Reviews of July 13, 2003:
She paints with her music / Hun maler med sin musik
Same material as dreams are made of / Samme stof som drømme er lavet af

     In English, word-format
(copy/paste and print)
     In French, word-format (copy/paste and print)
     In Danish, word-format (copy/paste and print)


‘Serene’ poster of July 25, 2003:
In A3-format

      In pdf-format (for printing)

Soundbites for use in radio

Pernilla interview – NB: In Danish language

• Download full radio interview with music:
CD quality MP3 (5.7 MB, duration 6:13) – read content

• Download interview sound bites, raw, without music:
      Part 1 – CD quality MP3 (0.5 MB, duration 0:30)
             – read content

      Part 2 – CD quality MP3 (0.5 MB, duration 0:30)
             read content
Part 3 – CD quality MP3 (0.9 MB, duration 1:00)
             read content

• Download interview in word-format (in Danish):
     Båndudskrift af Pernilla interview
(for copy/paste or print)

High resolution photos for download

Right-click on the photo you wish to download, and choose ‘Save To Disk’ / ‘Save Target as’ (in Danish: ‘Gem destination som’).
On mac-computer, hold CTRL-key and click on photo.

Portrait of Pernilla
120mm w x 140mm h in 300 dpi
3.3 MB

Photo credit: Photograph by Linda Horowitz
PR photo – to be used free of charge


Front cover photo: Pernilla in the Alpes de Haute Provence

185mm w x 165mm h in 300 dpi
1.9 MB

Photo credit: Photograph by Mik Aidt
PR photo – to be used free of charge


‘Serene’ CD front cover
140mm w x 125mm h in 300 dpi
0.9 MB

PR photo – to be used free of charge



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