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2019 I defend my project of pedagogy and pass the competition of Jazz artistic teaching professor (PEA) awarded by the french government.

In December I performed the concert ‘Loads of Love’ featuring Sylvain Beuf at Théâtre Denis in Hyères.

  In January I published the album: ‘Scandinavian Mood’ produced together with three of Denmark’s most talented jazz musicians, Christian & Peter Vuust and Hans Esbjerg.
2015 Concert event at Festival d’Automne: a tribute to the Danish ‘Viking’ Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen.
2009-2017 I obtained the French National Diploma in Jazz-Pedagogy (le DE) in 2009 and continuously taught at National Conservatory of Toulon Region.
2007 In December 2007 I published my second solo album, ‘Songs that dream’, produced together with the Danish duo Travelog.
2004-2007 Employed as a voice teacher in the jazz department of the National Conservatory of Toulon Region. Teaching simultaneously at l’École Nationale Départementale de Musique in Digne.


At Midem 2006: Concert with Synergetik Big Emergent Gang.

2003 On 2 January, I gave birth to Celena Lou.


In June, I began touring with the guitarist Philippe Loli, performing with a classical repertoire in Germany, Denmark and France.

2002 From January to May, I worked non-stop composing songs for a new album project: ‘Serene‘ – my debut as a song writer.
2001 In November, I started composing songs for a new project: ‘Serene’ Recorded the album ‘Two Views’ with saxophone player Ed Harlow. Review in Jazzreview, and in MN Blues. Can be purchased at Amazon.


In May, I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree of Music at Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA.

Recorded four songs withLionel Loueke and Olivier Manchon.

Published an demo CD with the jazz quintet Northscape.

Performed regularly at the jazz club Sydney’s in Boston.

2000 Studied at Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA, all year. Published an album with the jazz quintet Nuage.Performed regularly at the jazz clubs Exchange and Sydney’s in Boston.
Gave masterclasses (‘clinics’) at Boston University and Boston College.


The summer was spent touring in France.

1999 Studied at Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA. The summer was spent touring in France.
1998 From September til December, I attended my first semester at Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA – studying performance. Over the summer, I toured intensively with the Pernilla Caroubi Quintet in France and Switzerland. The repertoire was jazz interpretations of George Gershwin’s ‘Porgy & Bess’.



In July, we were the opening venue at the Nice Jazz Festival. Michel Leeb introduced us.Two of my songs were broadcast in a direct music show on RF1 at the festival Jazz En Auvergne.In August, I performed the main character in the musical ‘Swingy & Melody’ at Noga Hilton, Cannes.
In April, I published my first album, 10 Gershwin-songs recorded with the Pernilla Caroubi Quintet.
The album was nominated as “Jazz Name of the Year” by FNAC(French record shop chain).
I created the Pernilla Caroubi Quintet.
Participated in the operetta ‘La Vie Parisienne’ by Offenbach, in the role of Gabrielle.
Ended four years of studies at Music Conservatory of Cagnes sur Mer with an A-diploma. Began teaching vocal training at Ecole de Musique du Moyen Verdon.


Conductor and leader of the Chorale de St. André les Alpes

1995 Repeated courses with the Danish opera singer Lars Waage.
1994 Studied with Helmut Lips in Stuttgart, Germany.Recorded radio jingles for the Danish Broadcasting Corporation.
Moved to the south of France, and appeared with the orchestra Exclusif all over France as well as in Switzerland.
A number of concerts at the Cote d’Azur with the Golden Jazz Band in Monaco. 
I created my first jazz group, the Loreleï Quintet.Took course of vocal improvisation with Laurence Saltiel.
Entered the Music Conservatory of Cagnes sur Mer in Marc and Florence Vento‘s class.Main character in ‘La Belle Hélène’ by Offenbach.
1991 In Denmark, employed as a singer in protestant church choirs, and receive education in classical song from Bodil Gümoes at the Royal Danish Conservatory.
1990 Studied at l’American School of Modern Music in Paris.
1989 Course at l’Institut d’Art, Culture & Perception in Paris.
1988 Toured in France and sing in different cabarets in Paris, especially ‘Le Bateau Ivre’ (Rue Mouffetard) with Cyril Caroubi.
1986 Appeared as a chorus singer with Henri Guedon in performances at New Morning, at the Festival of Humanity, at the festival “Printemps de Bourges”, broadcasts on televion, etc.
Entered l’École Normale de Musique de Paris in Annick Simon‘s class.
UPSToured all over Denmark  andpublished a record with the group UPS.
Participated in a stage play in Paris, where I performed Persian songs.
1984 Graduated Risskov Amtsgymnasium high school, specializing in music studies.
Toured in Wales as solist in Risskov Amtsgymnasium Big Band.
1980 Sang my first part in a Danish musical, “The Green Dog”.
1970ies Practising piano and cello.
  My parents – Finn who is a music teacher and professional cello player, and Birgit who teaches drama and the German language.
1965 I was born on the 10th of August in Aarhus, Denmark. Baptised Pernille Aidt.



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